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        The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

        Known to the locals as The Festival of San Fermin,this internationally recognized event has grown massively since its believed origins back in the 13th century, and now attracts tens of thousands who wish to run with the bulls.

        The running of the bulls allegedly originated from men using fear and excitement to hurry the process of taking cattle to market, although this quickly turned into a competition amongst them. Nowadays though the event is a lot more organized, in fact thousands now run through a barricaded course being chased by a thundering herd of bulls!

        The Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA

        The Burning Man is an annual event which places emphasis on community, creativity and self-reliance. The community turn up and create ‘Black Rock City’ which lasts for one week, after that the ‘citizens’ are proud to depart without a trace.

        The community welcomes all newcomers with open arms. Their ethos believes that the more active the participant is the more they will gain from the event.

        This is a surreal phenomenon which sees the birth of a city and community, in a peculiar location, only to be returned to its original form just seven days later. This festival is all about the experience and to truly benefit from it you must throw yourself wholeheartedly into it.

        The Festival of Light in Amritsar, Punjab, India

        The Festival of Light, Diwali to the indigenous people, marks the commencement of the New Year for Hindus. This five day festival celebrates good over evil, light over dark. Each day of the festival brings its own meaning. The third day is where the ‘Festival of Light’ title has emerged as lamps and candles are lit, and fireworks are set off. Traditionally gifts are exchanged between the nearest and dearest.

        Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, China

        The Chinese New Year is a lively affair where millions fill the streets to celebrate peace and happiness. It generally starts with a banquet which includes significant dishes, for instanceprawns represents liveliness and happiness, whilst traditionally red clothing is also worn as this is intended to warn off any evil spirits.

        In Hong Kong a spectacular fireworks display lights up the evening sky, and for New Years Day there are floats and traditional performers complimented by music and dragon dancers.

        Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand

        Haad Rin Beach is located in Koh Phangan, and has earned its reputation as the hot spot for hedonistic nightlife in Thailand, due to the fact that a party is held every time there’s a full moon. It is rumored that the Full Moon Party tradition started with a local throwing a farewell party for his Australian friend.
        每到月圓之夜,在泰國的Haad Rin沙灘上就會舉行滿月狂歡派對,為這里贏來了無數游客,大家慕名而來感受這里無比歡樂的夜生活。傳說,滿月節起初只是一個當地人為他的澳洲朋友送行而舉辦的歡送派對。

        It proved to be such a popular concept that it now attracts anything from 8,000 to 30,000 party-goers every month. This is hardly surprising due to the white sandy beach setting, alcohol by the bucket and an amicable attitude shared by all.

        Boryeong’s Mud Festival on Daecheon Beach, South Korea

        The Mud Festival in Boryeong, on Daecheon Beach, is an event which allows the most mature person to embrace their inner child. This festival encourages smearing mud all over yourself.

        The participants claim that the mud contains important minerals which reduce wrinkles and remove excess oils. Also, as any of you spa regulars will know, mud baths enhance blood circulation and encourage fresh skin growth.

        There are competitive events including mud body painting, mud beauty contests and mud sculptures.

        New Year Celebrations in Sydney Harbour, Australia

        Possibly the best place to see in the New Year, the world famous fireworks display from the Sydney Harbour Bridge is now an iconic view just as much as the opera house that sits opposite.

        The energetic personalities of the Australians, coupled with a great setting and climate, ensure you have the best New Year party possible. The crowds on the shore give the evening a electrifying atmosphere, however if you want to get a different perspective consider spending the evening on the water, with boats to hire or cruises to indulge in you can have a truly memorable occasion and get away from the crowded shoreline.

        Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

        The Rio Carnival has become synonymous with Brazil. Our perception of Brazilians seem to stem from this energetic, free-spirited parade. The colorful event is celebrated all over the country but Rio’s remains the biggest and most spectacular.

        With the famous parades displaying a spectacular array of shapes and colors, the beat and energy of this event naturally encourages anyone who attends to throw themselves full-heartedly into the spirit of the Carnival. Recently voted the happiest city, it is easy to see why the people of Rio de Janeiro hold the most vibrant and famous of carnivals.

        Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

        The Fringe Festival has had a history of finding the comedians of the future. Many of the current British stars have emerged through the festival which has a knack for discovering and promoting fresh talent.

        During this time the city is rife with street acts and performers. It is an energetic place that is guaranteed to excite.

        As for the Scottish people, they are friendly and hearty, and have an affinity for good humor and alcohol, two of the main themes of the festival.

        Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

        Oktoberfest is possibly the most famous beer festival in the world. The festival is the world’s largest fair, with over 6 million visitors attracted to the beer tents every year.

        But it is more than just large quantities of Bavarian Beer, lederhosen and beer halls,whilst Munich offers the famous steins and German sausages, the true enjoyment factor comes from the generous German hospitality. Sitting amongst the locals you can chat and sing along to traditional German songs, all performed by Oompha Bands who perform to a crowd of thousands of happy drinkers, who in return cheer them on.


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